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feeling limbic - woman on beach - action institute

Feeling Limbic

feeling limbic - woman on beach - action instituteOf all the days to start posting a blog…after the logical part of my brain got “hijacked” by the emotional part (the limbic system) after a deep spiritual journey of healing. And yet when I think about it, it’s the perfect day to start.

I’ve been sitting still a lot lately – making a daily trip (for about the last 4 months) to the ocean to sit, and I don’t mean to sunbathe, and just feel the presence of Our Mother Ocean deeply within me. It has been a spiritual ritual for me that has opened up a tremendous amount – inside and outside.

After a break-up last year on the day before Thanksgiving (Happy Holidays, Jean! Oy!), and struggling with intestinal parasites, I needed to just sit still, rest, and be quiet…. And wait….

Wait for what? I had no idea, but it was what I was being called to do, and do I did it. For a go-getter like me, it was not easy at first. Some days it still isn’t. I felt like I should be doing something; like I was being lazy. And yet every time I would ask the Universe what I was supposed to do, the message kept coming back clearly… Wait…

And then I realized, wait is a verb; an action.

The parasites have still not been willing to go away, and so I keep asking what they’re about…and I wasn’t getting answers…until today. I’m not sure it’s THE answer, but it’s an answer, and it’s about letting go – sorting what parts of my past feed me and what parts need to be discarded. And coincidentally, that’s exactly what the small intestine’s function is – to sort through the food and send the “good” stuff back into the bloodstream for nourishment and discard the crap.

And thus the title of my blog – Action Insights. It’s actually a psychodrama term for those moments in the course of taking action that produce an insight…some would call it the “aha” moment. By making the situation concrete through the action of a psychodrama, I get to see things and feel things that I was not able to see and feel before, and that’s the moment of the shift – the moment of opportunity that allows me to move in a different direction.

Sometimes it’s in the sitting still and waiting that the greatest insights can emerge.

And so I invite you to sit today. Find your ocean, or your mountain trail, or your bathtub, or wherever it is that you can find quiet, and wait…