Glossary of Action Method Terms

What is Psychodrama?

JL and Zerka Moreno - the action institute of california - glossary of action method termsIntroduced in 1921 by its creator, Jacob L Moreno, psychodrama is an action method used to explore our inner and outer worlds and bring change where needed. Participants gain insight through action by exploring old patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are no longer working for them, and experiment with new, more effective responses to people and situations in their lives, which will offer them a greater sense of inner peace.

What is Sociometry?

Sociometry is an action exploration of the underlying structure of a group, community, family or staff. Participants answer questions through action, which allows us to identify and make visible the positive, negative and neutral connections that typically go unspoken, and can often undermine relationships. Participants can then be helped to shift those connections to reduce conflict and bring greater communication, thus establishing an environment of mutual respect and support so that everyone can flourish.

What is Sociodrama?

Sociodrama allows a group to look at a collective issue or theme, rather than just exploring one person’s individual story. This somewhat less personal method allows participants to explore sensitive topics from a more objective, once removed position, taking on the role of an archetype rather than themselves. It is highly effective in a variety of settings, including when exploring issues of addiction and codependency, in work environments, with “resistant” clients and when exploring highly charged issues.