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Spreading the Sociometric Wealth
ABE Newsletter – Trainer’s Corner – June, 2023
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Psychodrama: It’s Not Just For Groups
C4 Events, May 2019
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Using Action Methods to Counter Social Isolation and Shame Among Gay Men
John Olesen, Jean Campbell & Michael Gross
Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services, March, 2017.
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Your Child is Going To Treatment: Now What? A Guide for Parents
Jean Campbell and Pam Clark
Sober World Magazine, February, 2016.
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Using Action Methods When Working With Couples, The Therapist, 27(6). 13-16.
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The Opposite of Addiction is Connection? Response to Johann Hari’s TED Talk by Jean Campbell. Addiction Recovery eBulletin, Vol. 2, No. 48, July 21, 2015.
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Action Intervention Training:  Preparing the Family For An Intervention
Delray Recovery Center Guest Blog, January, 2015.

Psychodrama, Sociometry and the Transition from Self-Loathing to Self-Love, The British Journal of Psychodrama and Sociometry, Volume 27, Issues 1 & 2, Spring, 2014.
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Who the Heck Do You Think You Are? Replacing Self-Loathing with Self-Love Together: A Voice for Health and Recovery, Spring, 2012.

Hero or Bad Guy? Negotiating Boundaries in Codependency Recovery, Together: A Voice for Health and Recovery, Fall, 2011.

The Use of Art in Social Atoms in Substance Abuse Treatment Planning, Journal of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy, Volume 60, Number 1, Spring, 2011.
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Why Talking About Sobriety as a Wellness Trend is Dangerous
Claire Gillespie, featuring Jean Campbell
SheKnows.Com, September, 2019
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Self Care Only Worked For Me When I Got Sober
Claire Gillespie, featuring Jean Campbell
Glamour Magazine, December, 2018.
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Becoming Sober Made Me Realize How Problematic ‘Wine Mom’ Culture Really Is
Claire Gillespie, featuring Jean Campbell, November, 2018.
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