Family Recovery Weekends

Family Addiction and Recovery Weekends - family holding hands - action institute of californiaThe Problem

When addiction invades a family, everyone suffers. As it progresses, the entire family is plagued by fear, anger, despair, resentment, disconnection and hopelessness. Life becomes about moving from one crisis to the next, and although everyone is doing their best to cope with the situation, without help, everyone ends up locked into unhealthy behaviors and dynamics, not just the addict.

Most models of recovery focus solely on getting the addict into treatment, and families want to believe that if their loved one would just get better, that everything would be “fine.” It’s just not that simple. This is a family disease.

Both addiction and enabling have contributed to the suffering of the entire family, not just one person who is engaging in addictive behaviors. That’s why true change can only occur if the family can be helped to understand how enabling has contributed to the problem, can have the willingness and tools to set and keep clear boundaries, and pursue their own healing and recovery. We created our Family Recovery Weekends to help family members do just that.

The Solution

Through education, group process and action demonstrations, we help family members understand addiction and enabling from the inside out, identify the unhealthy behavior patterns that they’ve been caught in, and make a commitment to each other to change so that the entire family system can heal. We utilize action methods, such as sociometry, family sculptures and experiential techniques, to demonstrate just how toxic addiction and enabling are to a family, and then provide specific recommendations for how they can learn to focus on their own recovery and move forward on their own path of healing, whether the addict/alcoholic is clean and sober or not.

Families will learn about:

  • The disease model of addiction
  • The role of enabling in the progression of addiction
  • The physical, emotional and spiritual price tag
    of addiction and enabling
  • How to set – and keep – clear boundaries
  • The importance of self-care, support and focusing
    on yourself

At the end of the workshop, EVERYONE leaves with a plan for change. One family member may go to a workshop for his trauma and codependency; one family member may have realized that she, too, has an issue with alcohol, and may be willing to see a therapist to determine if she needs further treatment; one family member may commit to seeing a therapist and attending 6 Al-Anon meetings in the next 30 days, etc.

We provide recommendations for workshops, therapists, etc, to assist family members in continuing their individual and collective plan of healing. By engaging the family in the healing process, everyone has a better chance of sustaining greater health and recovery, including the addict.

We are also available to facilitate additional family, couples and/or individual therapy, as well as family workshops at critical times when families are moving forward in their healing process.

By coming together for this Family Recovery Weekend workshop your family can be helped to build on your strengths, learn specific tools to help you practice new, healthier behaviors, and create a road map forward for greater health for everyone.

If your family has been living with anger, despair, fear, resentment and/or disconnection, we can help you shift into hope, love, renewed connection and support.

It just takes a little willingness. Come join us!

For more information or to register for Family Recovery Weekends, please contact us.