Brave Hearted Living™ Workshops

brave hearted living - action institute of california

Living in this world of ours with an open heart requires tremendous bravery.

So many things can shut down our hearts: a friendship or relationship ending, a divorce, loss of a job, a death, or even losing a long-held dream. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with grief, fear, anger or hopelessness, and lose our optimism about what life has to offer.

Our histories can also lead us away from our core selves – the people we were meant to be – and leave us feeling adrift, overwhelmed by shame, or struggling with issues related to our trauma, neglect or abandonment. We found a way to survive, but we’re not thriving.

In our Brave-Hearted Living™ workshops, we create an environment of mutual support and safety, allowing each of us to feel into our hearts, and take the risk to keep them open. We can learn or reconnect with what we are truly longing for, and with that knowledge, lean into our heart’s desire and move forward in our lives.

The root of the word courage means heart, and that’s what it takes to keep our hearts open in difficult times – tremendous bravery. When we live a brave-hearted life, we remain open to the possibilities of joy, abundance and love that the world wants to bring us, and optimistic about what life has in store for us.

Through the use of creative arts therapies such as psychodrama, sociometry, art making and music, we offer a safe space to explore your inner and outer worlds; to clear away what is no longer working in your life, and build your sense of self-worth and self-compassion. Through these actions, you can step into your future in a way that will allow you to embrace all of who you are, and all of who you can be. We can help you sort through who or what needs releasing, breathe new life into your spirit and help guide you back to your brave-hearted desire.