Brave-Hearted Leadership™

a red origami boat leading the way for several other blue and green origami boatsHappier companies are more creative, productive, and as a result, more successful.

Since research has determined that when it comes to job satisfaction and happiness at work, one’s relationship with their boss matters even more than the size of their paycheck, it is vital for leaders to create a culture where employees feeling appreciated and part of a larger vision, and for leaders to feel a sense of purpose, satisfaction and happiness themselves.

Changing oneself and one’s organization takes courage, and the root of the word courage means heart.  You put your heart into your work every day…why not get the results you and your team are striving for?

We created our Brave-Hearted Leadership™ Academy to allow leaders to build their capacity, step fully into the role of inspiring and guiding their team to greatness, and take their business to the next level.  We provide education, mentorship and inspiration for leaders to create and implement their vision, hire the “right” people and move forward in the direction of their dreams.

Our Brave-Hearted Leadership™ Academy

Our didactic, experiential and comprehensive 6-month Leadership Academy will provide specific, evidence-based, easily-implementable tools, at both the micro and macro level, to help leaders effect change on an individual and organizational level by:

Designing and implementing a vision for themselves and their organization
Role training becoming an effective leader (not just a manager)
Nurturing and cultivating their team’s capacity for greatness
Creating a Brave-Hearted culture of cooperation and creativity
Building on the social connection within the organization so that everyone can flourish
Creating an upward spiral of happiness with their team

The Brave-Hearted Leadership™ Academy includes:

3-day workshop to create and build a solid leadership foundation
Weekly curricula to continue to grow and expand leadership skills
Monthly individual coaching and mentoring to assist in ongoing change
Monthly small group teleconferences to support to strengthen learning
3-day workshop to celebrate successes and reinforce continued growth

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